Gormire Lake

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A large (300m), warm and little-visited lake set in woodland beneath the Sutton Bank escarpment. Squidgy leaf litter mulch at first but water shelves quickly, deepening about 5m offshore. Beautiful views back up to escarpment.

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danny says:

at the end of the 70s i swam and fished for pike there and use to talk to james heriot as he walked his dogs there quite often it was an un-spoiled spot .good memories

Philip Nice says:

Was there the day before yesterday, 11.5°C. No algae or slime any more, a rope swing was still there (this is on the side where the path down from Sutton Bank Top comes to a little mud/leaf mould/rocks beach, which was the only gap in the reeds I could see on that side). the climb back up the back is excellent exercise to warm up after a chilly swim! Only one gent came along in the half hour I was there, walking his dogs, he gave me what I thought was a slightly disapproving look. I imagine it would be delightful on a summer day, however, a gang of swans followed me around wherever I swam.

simon Neary says:

So pleased to see that these references to Gormire. I used to live only 2 or 3 miles from away and swam there often in the late 1970s although in later years a ‘no swimming’ notice appeared. I first swam there with my brother but subsequently mostly solo, to be there late on a summer evening was idyllic. Local people, once they had made sure that I appreciated what was involved, “Its bottomless you know”, approved of what they felt was rather eccentric behaviour but none of them ever wanted to give it a try

Simon Neary

selinawells says:

5 stars if the algae isn’t there! A lovely swim, with woods all around. There is (or was in 2011) a rope swing on the escarpment side of the lake as well. A shame it’s prone to algae overload – I had a similar experience to Rosie in August 2011, but I had swum earlier in the year with no problem, so I don’t know if it’s just something that happens in late summer?

rosie says:

swam there last week after all the rain, thinking the algae would have cleared somewhat. it looked clear but when we took our cozzies off we were covered underneath with the green slime. i’ve had a slight rash and itching but am ok now.

despite this the lake was beautiful to swim in. such a gorgeous setting too, no traffic noise, a 10 minute walk from where we parked.

oh, and we were also warned by the lady at information at sutton bank that there were pike and leeches in the lake but we only had trouble with the algae.

We went there to swim but were put off by reports of blue-green algae (which is very nasty and causes horrible rashes) We found out about this when visiting the nearby visitor’s centre on Sutton Bank – so would recommend checking there whether this problem has cleared up before swimming!

Rees says:

This glacial lake is in a beautiful setting and quite secluded. I swam in it several times in 2010 during the summer months. The water temperature varied between 15-17 deg C, but it was very calm due to it being sheltered by the surrounding woods and cliffs. Entry and exit from the lake is a little awkward, but with careful manoeuvering it is not a problem. A great place to swim, give it a try!

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