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Well, if you come across a magical pool on a walk it’s quite possible to swim without any kit, and that’s part of the beauty of wild swimming. Just wear your undies or go naked if it is secluded. If you have no towel wipe most of the water off with your hands then sacrifice one item of clothing to dry yourself or travel with a small, light cotton sarong (which can also double as a warm scarf, emergency skirt, lightweight picnic rug, cloth bag for collecting foraged goods etc) and dries quickly afterwards.

However, there are some great, simple presents and accessories we also love

A dry robe doubles as a quick drying lightweight towel, but also allows you to keep your modesty a little more easily than a sarong on a riverside path. About £25.

Lightweight mesh water shoes to protect feet from rocks but allow easy swimming. About £15. Vivobarefoot Bloom from Finistere are amazing, and made from algae-based foam, but pricey.

Reiman’s P20 sunscreen is the original and best waterproof sunscreen. It’s also non-greasy so it doesn’t come off in the water – good for wildlife. About £10

Noaks ziplock waterproof bags – a range of different sizes, bullet proof waterproof, and very good value. Great for phones, maps, car keys or even clothes.

Orca make good value lightweight swimmer’s wetsuits, easy to carry but lots of flexibility. A wetsuit is essential for a longer swim, especially in the sea or a lake. Some people just use a top. About £75-£150

These twinwall steel vacuum flasks from Mizu are some of the best. They are beautiful and keep drinks hot for 18 hours.

Daniel Start is the author of the Wild Swimming guidebook and many local Wild Guide editions, such as this one to the best places to wild swim in the lake district. The series is great for finding local gems (and local Wild Guides contain more in depth information on local swimming places than the UK guide).

Wild Guide Lake District and Yorkshire Dales

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