Farleigh Hungerford, Frome

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One of the country’s last river-swimming clubs occupies a pleasant, deep but narrow stretch of the Frome above a weir. Lawns and steps into water, about 1’2.5m deep with gravelly bed. Car parking in field very close by. Changing huts and portaloo.

Place Categories: River Swims and Wild Swim.Place Tags: dive, swim and wildswimming.

Robert Evans says:

Farleigh is a beautiful lovely relaxing place to swim. I would like very much to swim and if possible discreetly sunbathe in the nude on a really hot day. Why is there so many issues with swimming in the nude it is the most natural and wonderful thing to do I just wish so much that it was more socially acceptable. Did you know that as the law stands it is not illegal to be naked in public in the UK the problems start is when someone feels offended and complains but if everyone accepts then it is perfectly legal. The most important thing to do is to be ensure you behave with impeccable manners.
I would be deeply upset If my nudity was to offend or upset anyone that would never be my intention.
Would you ever hold costume optional days ??? Im sure there are lots of people who would love to try this but probably wont admit it. I often go to Studland nudist beach and there are thousands of people there all naked and never any problems why cant Farleigh be the same.

Glen and Cyndi says:

We will second that .

Pascale says:

A small group of us swam here this morning and it was great. I can see that it probably can get busy but at 7.30am on a misty Tuesday morning in September it was empty. Ladders into the rivers and rope swing were appreciated and there is enough river to really have a proper swim.

There was a sign saying that they didnt reccomend swimming due to the water quality at present and advice to follow if you do choose to swim. If only there were more established river swimming clubs like this!

Kazzer says:

I’ve been swimming here since I was a girl some 35 years ago – there weren’t the problems with rubbish and loutish behaviour then which definitely distract from the experience – nevertheless it’s a wonderful place to swim.

Old Man Billy says:

brilliant place. i quite like that it gets busy, all good fun. as for people moaning about music and drinking etc maybe you should live a little?

Kirsty says:

Me and my partner have been regular swimmers at this river for a few years now but unfortunately it is not somewhere I would recommend going this summer. We drove there this Sunday and it was absolutely packed! More like Benidorm than a quiet river swimming spot. The magic of the place has sadly been ruined.

Sarah Hunt says:

I went on Monday with my daughters and their children. It’s the most lovely spot and the swimming was just brilliant. But, why do people leave their litter about? Perhaps you could leave a stack of black bags by the gate with a notice saying take one and then take your rubbish home? Also a large dog was running around while we were there, but the excellent ticket collector had a word and it was then tied up so big thanks to that man who did that.

I will definitely come back and will bring my own rubbish bag of course!

steph says:

Went there on Saturday! It was really nice except for :

The chav group who put their bad Drum&Bass music really loud
A group of youngster playing football when they were hardly any space to play football…
Some people are so irrespectful…

Anyway I think it’d be better if : alcohol and cigarettes were not allowed. People just throw their cigarettes butt everywhere and do not realise that if they carry on, then they will not be able to use the swimming space anymore as it will get too dirty…
that’s a shame but if you want to carry on using a “public”space then you should leave it as you found it !

I went there with my three and four year old children. It is a lovely spot and we are planning on going back tomorrow.

Scorscribler says:

I swam here today. It is a nice spot. I have been before when a member of the club was collecting entrance fee’s, the member in question was on Alice Roberts Wild swimming. We had a very interesting conversation with him, really nice guy with an obvious passion for wild swimming.

He wasn’t there today, so like Becky, we jumped on in!!!

John Payne says:

About dogs – I have swum with dogs at Tellisford weir, a mile or two upstream from Farleigh. Suggest you check it out.

A favourite swimming place of Edward Thomas the poet. See my book ‘The West Country: a cultural history’, p. 36.

Check it out!


Becky Sowler says:

Lovely swimming here this morning. The only thing is there’s a sign about membership with a telephone number to call, which we did but as there was no answer we felt we should just go for it. It was an easy swim with not too strong a current and a board to jump from into approx. 2m deep water. A lovely spot. Shame no dogs allowed…

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