Sheriff Muir Paradise Pools

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A perfect, if small, plunge pool in open countryside with a fun rock slide. Above are 100m of further little pools and cascades in woods.

Place Categories: Waterfall or Gorge and Wild Swim.Place Tags: plunge and wildswimming.

Was here on the 19th July and I have NEVER known the water level to be as high as the Pic provided.

After a prolonged dry spell in Scotland (we do have them rarely), the water is now a good 4/5 Feet Below the level of the waterfall: opposed to the 1 foot in the picture.

I am 6’3″ and there was SOME areas of the plunge pool I couldn’t touch the bottom of however any jumping in would follow from careful investigation of your landing zone.
The slide is still very much in working order and makes for a hasty escape from Horseflies – HIGHLY RECOMEND DEET OR INSECT REPELANT.

There is also a little known hole above the final slide decent to the pool which proves to be 8′ deep and JUST wide enough to fit yourself in.

I previously jumped from the upper grassy cliff into the large pool (roughly 4/5 meters) but now I have soft tissue damage to my right foot and the power of hindsight, I would STRONGLY advise AGAINST this.

In Summary:

Pro –
It has a slide!
How many waterfalls can you swim in?
Relatively secluded

Con –
Borderline dangerous water level
Abundance of Horseflies

Rafal says:

Went in September and it was beyond cold!
Dangerous as practically impossible to enter slowly, it’s incredibly slippery so you’ll fall in whether you like it or not. Once I did it was disorientating and hypothermia-inducing!
Had difficulties getting out, getting there is also a challenge, with ankle deep mud and cow crap. Would look elsewhere, although will try again in August.

Alice Catriona says:

As a Stirling local, I’ve been swimming in the Sheriffmuir pool many a time, however I have never heard it referred to as the “paradise pools” – locally it’s known as Devil’s Bucket.

Profile pic wildswim says:

One of the best waterfall plunge pools close to Edinburgh. Smooth rock slide drops you into deep pool. Fun! Pebble beach for picnics.

A little difficult to find. Lovely sream glade with more pools aove (perhaps person above must never have found the main pool, head downstream a little further).

dipper says:

The pool is not obvious and it is easy to be distracted by those under the trees. Head downstream below the wooded gorge- falls at end of trees. Map ref fairly accurate. Small deep plunge pool. Upstream pools are shallow and very small, but fun. Watch out for cattle in the field.

Gillian says:

Went there for a walk one day only to discover this tiny freezing little pool of water that I wouldn’t dream of going in. There was a sign saying you could get Lyme’s disease in the water, untrue because you can only get Weil’s disease from water but they obviously didn’t want people swimming in it. There was a sign up for trespassing and this weird dry muddy stream thing leading into it.

Also heard that a young man who jumped in and misjudged it is now paralysed which is tragic.

Would not go in here!

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