Cambus o’ May

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A gently shelving section of river beach, deepening to 4m, with large flat rocks on the nearside. Elegant white Victorian suspension footbridge. Pretty setting on a curving sweep of the Dee.

Place Categories: River Swims and Wild Swim.Place Tags: dive, paddle, swim and wildswimming.

andie says:

Just went here for an evening swim with my son.
River a bit deeper this week as we have had heavy showers in past few days.
cold but not unbearably. in fact warmed up on rocks afterwards in the evening sun.

No dustbins so bring a bag to put your rubbish in.

Josh says:

Excellent location, If you’re brave enough jumping off of the bridge is one of the best things that I have ever experienced. On certain days the water can be perfect for swimming. Although you should paddle around and psych yourself up for jumping in. I would definitely go back any time but winter.

Emma says:

If you can brave the cold water this is a nice place to go swimming! Wasn’t brave enought to jump of the bridge but seen many people do it. Good for lazing about with some nice spots by the side of the river and easy access into the water if you don’t want to jump. The far side if fine for children to go paddling but the side closest the road is a bit steeper and the rocks are more uneven.

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