Cullever Steps

  • _MG_1976 a

Small plunge pool in narrow rocky valley below Scarey Tor. Some grass for picnics and large rocks for sunbathing. Small Waterfall or Gorge. 1.5m deep. 15m long.

Place Categories: Waterfall or Gorge and Wild Swim.Place Tags: paddle, plunge and wildswimming.

Roy peters says:

Trainee soldiers and, cadets often use sawdust piles out on the training areas of Aldershot.

Martin Joiner says:

As I trekked upstream in search of this location I noticed my route marked with intermittent handfuls of sawdust, placed in purposeful mounds. As I reached what I thought was Cullever Steps my belief was affirmed by two piles of sawdust right next to the water. So I swam, took this photo and headed back. However well meant their intention was, I’m afraid this persons trail of sawdust led me to terminate my journey prematurely as with hindsight I see that I never actually reached Cullever Steps. The location I swam is smaller and a different shape to the photograph above. I can’t help but think if they had not marked so confidently the location I settled at, I might have continued further upstream and reached my intended destination. In future I will always carry a printed photograph of my destination and not be so trusting of unfamiliar trails, the function of which I cannot decode.

elwoodblues says:

Good for a paddle and surprisingly remote but I personally would not recommend diving in.

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