Thomason Foss

  • A little gem-

A plunge pool (20m) set beneath an impressive Waterfall or Gorge at the head of a woodland walk. Starting point at Beck Hole is picturesque.

Place Categories: Waterfall or Gorge and Wild Swim.Place Tags: plunge and wildswimming.

We attempted to visit Thomasson Foss In early August only to find several signs informing us that the path up to the foss was closed for 6 months from mid July due to rock falls, so maybe worth giving it a miss until early 2014

Joshua Evers says:

Amazing place, as soon as we read about it we packed our bags and had a road trip up there. To get to it, it does take some perseverance, but is more than worth it. There is a pub at the start of the trail to get to it, unless you take a steep hill route. The village it is situated in is very quiet. The train goes over the top, but it is a very secluded area for a swim. Was freezing though!

Abbey says:

Hi. How did you get to it? We tried to go yesterday but there was a sign saying the footpath was closed due to falling rocks so we actually didn’t get to it.

selinawells says:

Went here in 2011, very nice, cold and refreshing. There was a plank diving board by the side of the pool but some local teens had gone one better by jumping off the top of the falls. I wasn’t brave enough myself!

We got there on a nice-ish day travelling by steam train. Not sure why the other reviewer thought it was difficult to get to – it is a short walk (ok so the path is a bit muddy in places but it’s worth it!) There is a bit of scrambling over rocks. Very cold and deep – and the steam train goes past just above. Awe-inspiring! And there is a nice pub very close by with beers and snacks for afterwards.

Neil Walker says:

Glad you mentioned The Birch Hall Inn. One of the best and most unique pubs in the country. Nothing has changed in 40 years. Magical place, which could be a million miles away from the sadly commercialised “Heartbeat Country” village of Goathland, just over a mile away !!

Rees says:

Difficult to get to, but with a little perseverence it is achievable. I visited this place in July 2010 on a hot day. Just as well, as the water in the plunge pool was cold at about 10 deg C. Very invigorating though!

andy machen says:

hi there thinking of heading upto the fall tommorow is there somewere to have a picnic? and also is it quite a task to get to it? thankyou for your time

Anonymous says:

Loads of places to picnic and a cabin type shop on the way up enjoy

Callum says:

Went last Friday 12/07/13, still pretty but the big tree at the top has fallen over the falls just above the drop. The path to the jump is more eroded and now quite tricky, there was a massive amount of cans, bottles, rubbish and cigarette ends all over the rocks at the bottom. This has somewhat spoilt it. I would have cleared up a bit but had no way of carrying out the rubbish. Next time a flood goes through it should do it though.

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