Blue Lagoon, Moel-y-Faen

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A very deep, completely clear azure blue lake at the bottom of a spectacular quarry crater (Moel-y-Faen). Steep scramble down. Steep cliffs all round. 100m x 20m lake.

Place Categories: Lake Swims and Wild Swim.Place Tags: dive, swim and wildswimming.

RS says:

Loved it, not too difficult to find, not too difficult to get down to the water (a little care to avoid knocking rocks down is required though) The water is cold, deep, clear and a lovely blue colour.

The only downside is the litter that has been left by previous visitors, it is very disappointing to see such a lovely spot spoilt

5 out of 5 from me

I don’t think this should be included on this site if truth be told. There are some problems.

1. The quarry is not active every day and it wasn’t active when we were there, but it is NOT DISUSED, it is used when needed. Because it is not a disused and abandoned quarry, you would be trespassing on private land if, like us you went there believing it to be a suitable “Wild swim venue”. There are signs there that state “Swimming prohibited. We came in from the blind side and did not see the signs.

2. The fact that the quarry is seldom used means that this lagoon does get visited and swam in on a regular basis. Sadly, the people that use it all seem to be louts. The place is strewn with litter and beer bottles and other detritus.

3. There are actually three scrap cars in the lagoon.

The water is unbelievably clear and it is a gorgeous blue colour as you can see in the picture we have uploaded. Getting there was easy enough, we planned our route beforehand on google earth, and once we were there we were too hot and bothered to go back without having a swim. Had we known beforehand what it was like, I don’t think we would have gone and we will not be going back.

I’m not saying “Don’t go” I’m just saying you should be aware of what you are going to!

thomas says:

Hi All!
I was there am last week. So difficult to find that place, need to walk a lot.
Also go to the water, after a few hours when we find it, again was very hard. It`s in a mine, waht is still working, and a deep hole in the ground, what have water. No just hard, but dangerous to, going to down the water. The picture correct, water nice and clean, but COLD and DEEP. We was ther 1 hour maybe and come to home. I was very disappointed. I not offer that place to nobody. It`s not a swimming place.

Lucy says:

I’m sure I had heard this headline in the news at some point:

Katy says:

That article says its about blue lagoon in Harpur Hill, Derbyshire – not this one in Wales

duckie says:

hey guys 😀 im a local to this area (lucky me i know) and i would liek to say if you wanted to go swimming there you can its clean again but please dont mess it up we live here and like to use it too 🙂

It is very difficult to get to and involves tresspassing into a quarry. We were ok with this, but then there is also a fearsome scramble down a slippery scree slope. Finally, there was so much rubbish around the edges (including the detrius from scuba divers – old gas cylinders etc) that we were completely put off swimming.

Profile pic kayribbons says:

Our first official wild water adventure. This lagoon is purely magical. There is something truely spiritual about the beauty and wonder of this secret place.
Its quite a steep climb, so i wouldent reccomend the area to young familys and also the the depth of the water is imense. Absolutely loved it will be back again

Profile pic Sky-Supertramp says:

Hey was there any places to camp near it?

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