River and Water Quality for wild swimming

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A new campaign from The Rivers Trust show the location of all sewage outflows, including 'CSOs' which should only discharge during periods of exceptionally high rain. Open the map to check out your local stretch of rover to see where sewage discharges are, and how often CSO tend to discharge, in their new river water quality interactive map. You can read more about the

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Future of your river – national consultation

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The Environment Agency is preparing for the next round river basin management plans. These are the plans that will help England's waters reach 'good ecological status' as defined by the EU. The river basin management plans are an integral part of the European Union’s Water Framework Directive (WFD) and will need to be finalised by 2015. As part of this the agency has

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Wildlife and Nature

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With worries about climate change, obesity and urban youth crime, we need, more than ever, new and exciting ways for our children to engage with the natural world and to explore it in safe and responsible ways. Swimming is the favourite sporting activity for girls and is second only to football for boys. Perhaps opening up our rivers, lakes and waterfalls again

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