Vaucluse and Haute Provence

From the powerful spring at Fontaine-de-Vaucluse to the spectacular limestone gorges of Toulourenc and the mountain torrents of the Barles valley, sun-baked Provence may be popular but it also has its secret places.

Vaucluse and Haute Provence Swim Highlights


Lower Toulourenc

A beautiful little river with intermittent pools running through a wild gorge, perfect for aqua randonnée and children.

Upper Toulourenc

An unexpected and amazing blue pool beneath a driedup waterfall, in an otherwise arid stream bed.

Gorges de la Méouge

This waterfall and river pools by a Roman bridge in Haute Provence are wonderful but popular. Head upstream for many more pools, mainly shallow.

Clues de Barles

In this lively mountain stream there are natural jacuzzi pools and rapids, with larger waterfalls upstream. Several ‘dinosaur’ discoveries were made here.

Bouinenc and Vabre

An intriguing double-pool with a waterfall and strange striated rock formations in the pools below.

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