For millennia, the Hérault and Gard rivers have channelled water from the green mountains of the Massif Central down to the hot, dry lowlands. The Languedoc offers wonderful caverns, gorges and springs as well as stunning architecture, from the massive Roman Pont du Gard to the medieval beauty of Guilhem-le-Désert.

Languedoc Swim Highlights


Pont du Gard

Roman aqueduct spans the river gorge. Best approached at dusk by following the route of the ancient canal, through olive groves.

La Baume, Sanilhac

A lovey walk to dramatic, remote gorges with limpid blue waters and ledges to dive from.

Cascade du Sautadet

The river tumbles into bubbling tubs and pools and there are places for high dives.

Bord de Cèze

A secluded family beach at the bottom of fields with clear water and ledges for learning to dive.

Gorges de la Cèze

Wonderful gorges and a great, laid-back campsite with hammocks for relaxing.

Pont du Diable

Amazing gorges for adventure swims and jumps. Close to exquisite St-Guilhem-le-Désert and its famous caves.