With pink-tinged mountain spires, smooth granite pools of clear water and white sand beaches, the wild places of the island are unspoilt and beautiful. Local rosé and delicious seafood just add to the appeal.

Corsica Swim Highlights


Gorges du Tavignano

A massive pool with waterfalls pouring in from two sides and many more pools downstream.

Cascade des Anglais

Impressive waterfalls and large bowl-shaped rock pools.


A mountain torrent with pretty pools, situated close to a great rustic eatery, Bergeries de Tolla.

Cavu and Ste-Lucie

Relatively unknown wild valley, accessible along dirt tracks, with brilliant pools and opportunities for wild camping.

Gorges de Fiumicelle

One of the most accessible and spectacular canyons in Corsica, with a great hook rock and several deliciously clear aquamarine plunge pools.

Cascades de Purcaraccia

Smooth white bowls filled with emerald-coloured water make this one of the most stunning series of waterfalls and pools in Corsica.

Delta du Fango

You can hire canoes to explore this wonderful lagoon and look for freshwater turtles.

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