In the high mountains of the Cévennes, you are at the wild heart of France. Here, wolves still roam and sweet-chestnut forests shelter crystal-clear pools. Flowing through limestone plateaux, the region’s principal river, the Tarn, has carved a series of breathtakingly beautiful gorges.

Cévennes Swim Highlights



This tiny village hugs the cliff face of the Tarn gorge. The river beach is close by.


Superb stretch of river gorge with jumps and flat rocks for sunbathing.

Cascade de Runes

Beautiful double-fall with pools, in a woodland setting on the upper Tarn.


A deep ‘gouffre’ filled with emerald water is almost in the village centre.


At this wonderful pool, below a massive slab of rock, Robert Louis Stevenson yearned to bathe naked.

Les Détroits

In this narrower gorge section, there is deep water beneath soaring cliffs.

Cascade de Tapoul

A remote waterfall with deep plunge pools – a peaceful and enchanting spot.

Bonheur Pools

The deep-blue water in these smooth granite pools has just emerged from underground caves. Very refreshing!