wallers haven between bexhill and pevensey

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Wallers Haven is a slow flowing river in East Sussex that can be around 15 feet deep in places with the edges of the river lined with reeds. This is a very remote area and I strongly advise you do not go alone as it can be tricky to get in and out in certain stretches of the river. however its worth the experience as it remoteness makes it a truly rewarding wild swim experience.

drive towards bexhill on the A259. After pevensey roundabout with esso garage its about 4 minutes on the A259. it is the first bridge you come to. If you want you can pull over and park on the bridge at the side of the road.

You can swim either way on the river. I usually swim under the road bridge and then continue to a second bridge which you can jump off. If you go under this bridge there is a jetty just a bit further on which you can jump off. The river is very clean and deep in places. You can swim for as far as you want in either direction.

Place Categories: River Swims and Wild Swim.

I used to swim in this river as a young girl, further up towards romney marsh i think. Lovely swim, early October. We found it easier to enter the water the other side of the road from where we parked. Swam under second bridge past willow tree to jetty. I would nt advise jumping off the second bridge as we found a section to stand on just below bridge,a narrow jump and you could possibly hit it! Dived off jetty though! most exhilarating thing I’ve done in years, thanks WildSwimming xx

Alice Conti says:

I swam here this Saturday, cycled along the path which runs along beside the A259 from the Pevensey roundabout and stopped and turned off on the right just past the 1st bridge. There is a little pontoon which was a perfect in and out spot. Very tranquil with birds (swift type things) flying low over the water, it was lovely.


Jo says:

We swam in Wallers Haven this weekend and it was fantastic. We parked on Horsebridge Road which I think is further upstream than the first review of the swimming spot. We walked along the footpath upstream past two bends in the river and found a spot where we could easily get in and out. Plenty deep enough to jump in from the bank and long enough stretches to do some decent swimming. Lovely and warm and the water was very clear. There were lots of warning signs about it being a private river and belonging to a fishing club but there were no fisherman to be seen even though it was a sunny bank holiday Monday in August!

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