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A pretty rocky pool in the river with a small island and bay and rapids upstream. Rope swing on far side, grassy banks and field for picnics. Large shingle beach on far bank downstream too. The water has many submerged underwater rocks, which makes diving dangerous and swimming sometimes difficult.

Place Categories: River Swims and Wild Swim.Place Tags: chute, dive, swim and wildswimming.

Paul says:

The best place is actually 3 fields upstream from the camp site. This used to have a car park of its own but is now only accessed via the camp site. Go past the island,and the rope swing until you come to a very wide field.

Just prior to the rocky jutting out piece of land, you can sit in the middle of the river and it is a natural log flume that pushes you along into the deeper plunge pool (alongside the rocky outcrop). Surface diving is possible near the outcrop if checked out first (the water next to the barely submerged rock was at least 8 foot deep).

Lucia says:

Fantastic swim!

I went to Appletreewick yesterday with 3 friends and an enormous picnic.

Not sure we went to the same spot as described above – we found a rope swing but it was firmly hanging over land. Perhaps the river was a little low.

There were children slightly downstream who were playing in a dinghy which looked great fun. Most of the river is paddle-able.

We followed the path down the side of the campsite and met the river immediately.

The rocks are large and smooth but the algae can make paddling rely on agility and concentration.

We waded over to the little island in the middle of the river with our picninc. Probably about a 15m wade. The rocks made the gentle current a little more difficult to get through in places but on the whole it was never higher than knee deep. Backpacks are ideal for carrying stuff over – you may need hands to steady yourself at times.

Once onto the island, the best swimming was directly upstream of it. You can probably swim for about 10-15 metres in total. Not totally smooth and better for more of a dip than a proper swim but we loved it! You do have to swim in a gently current so need to keep moving if you’re not standing up. It was probably 5ft in the deepest part (that we found).

The water is quite dark and iron-y, so you will glow orange while you’re swimming among the ducks and jumping fish.

All rounded off with a lovely warming cup of tea or a pint at the Craven Arms.

Brilliant afternoon!

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