West Lydford

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A pretty 100m stretch of river running alongside church lawns between old bridge and weir. Gravel bed by weir, though a bit mushy from old leaves by bridge. Access from either bank of weir. Rope swing. 1.5m deep by weir. 2m under bridge.

PLEASE BE VERY RESPECTFUL. The right bank is accessed from a church yard. Do not picnic, hang towels from headstones, leave litter or swim during church services. This is a place or worship and grieving. DO NOT PARK in the church car park as this is private.

Please pick up other people’s litter and help keep this place clean and tidy.

Place Categories: River Swims and Wild Swim.Place Tags: dive, paddle, swim and wildswimming.

Madron says:

I swam there last week on a beautiful day. There were a couple of kids but otherwise it was very quiet. Couldn’t jump off the bridge because some blokes were fishing, but it was a great spot to just trawl up and down the river.
There’s lots of notices saying “no swimming”, but nobody seems to take any notice of them. I suppose that they are there for insurance reasons.
The stories about bad behaviour and lack of respect are a bit much. Why do people behave like that and spoil it for everyone?
It’ll only be a matter of time before they really do close the place down for swimmers because of the inconsiderate few.

Sharon Harlow says:

Arrived here on a very hot sunny Sunday afternoon. It is a beautiful spot, but sadly people are not always respectful of the fact that it is part of the churchyard. Littered. The water is fabulous; cool and deep making it great for swimming, but a word of warning here. I was so excited to arrive here that I couldn’t wait to get into the water. I found a suitable looking bank and slid into the river, but DID NOT check beforehand that there was fairly easy access out! I’m no spring chicken and not as agile as the younger people. So I literally had to be HAULED out of the water by two burly men (thanks again, guys!) and sprawled all over their picnic. Highly embarrassing and potentially dangerous.

The Vicar says:

Yes it is a beautiful spot and great to see folk having fun; but it is an active church yard and it’s more than a bit insensitive to see headstones being used as clothes horses and BBQ’s placed on memorial stones. Clearing up human excrement left behind the church isn’t a pleasant task for anyone, how would you like it if I crapped on your doorstep? And if folk bring along picnics and bottles, why oh why can’t they take their rubbish away with them? And yes the carpark is free but it’s not public; its the church carpark which from time to time has to be closed for weddings and funerals so it’s a bit effing rich for church folk then to be told to ‘fuck off’ when asked to move their vehicles. Oh, and the padlocked gate is padlocked by the EA for a reason; it means YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO PASS THROUGH IT!

Anonymous says:

Hardly appropriate language from a Vicar

Anonymous says:

Amen to that Vicar

Anonymous says:

We have made regular use of this car park on innumerable occasions whenever in the area, to enjoy some lovely walks with our dog, and to picnic.
We have always found the majority of the public seem to use the area responsibly especially since the dog and litter bins have been provided and are sensitive to parking elsewhere whenever the church is in use.
Just occasionally we have seen older teenagers free swimming along the river but thoroughly enjoying themselves (despite the warning signs) and only once came across some litter left on the edge of the car park (prior to bins being provided).
Whilst we can quite understand the frustrations caused by an irresponsible few and what hopefully was a one off filthy act of deficating on the church premises, what a great shame this so called man of God has to resort to copying such foul language. He should be absolutely ashamed of himself and the wider church he represents !
Gods countryside is there to be enjoyed by everybody not just by an elitist few who are fortunate enough to live there.
ACCM selected Clergyman to Minister to the wider Christian flock not just to sit on self important Church PCC meetings and assume superiority in status just because he is in such a marvelous village location !
I do hope his Bishop takes appropriate action when he reads these remarks !

Rach says:

So beautiful! stunning little spot down by the church…can jump in off the bridge. Quite a few people down there on a sunny day all having fun. Real family atmosphere with people chilling on blankets on the river bank till the sun goes down. Easy free parking too! Clean gravel bed with lots of pebbles to stand on so u dont get muddy feet! Other people were more organised than us and had inflatable mattresses and other inflatable madness! Fun times 🙂

George says:

I thought this place was amazing! Me and my brother had fun jumping off the bridge and there is also a ropeswing going into the water! the weare is amazing to walk down and makes life very disoreintating! loved it! doing it again soon for sure!

Ann says:

The river good itself is lovely and a good depth for a swim.
3 star rating due to access (or lack of). Requires climbing over a padlocked gate, or just jumping in from bank.. which is no problem, until you need to climb out.
From the point of view of someone slightly larger than average, i’d say it requires a bit of bravery and upper body strength (but I managed it).
Apart from that, a great little spot.

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