Tellisford, Frome

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Sloping green field by large weir pool. Lovely pastoral aspect with trees and hillside. 1m deep by weir wall but much deeper (3m) just upstream under fallen tree. Popular with local kids and sometimes there is litter. Riverbed dry downstream due to hydro extraction.

The owners of both the weir and the mill have written it to say this:

Tellisford is a beautiful swimming spot. Officially there is only a footpath across the field, but we and the farmer accepts that it is a good place to swim.

No water is extracted to power the mill, both arms of the river are “main river” as classified by the EA. Due to the dry spring and summer the river is very low, this has nothing to do with the mill.

We do have notices asking people to stay off the weir as it is indeed a slippery and is a hazard. We have to maintain it and people walking on it can lead to damage. Someone did drown here two years ago.

Most visitors do take their rubbish home but some do not and some bag it and then dump the bag. We spend time picking it up and have better things to do with our time. PLEASE TAKE ALL YOUR RUBBISH HOME AND DO NOT CHUCK IT IN THE RIVER, ESPECIALLY BOTTLES AND SMALL ITEMS LIKE BOTTLE TOPS THAT CAN BE VERY BAD FOR ANIMAL IF EATEN

Some people camp over night. This is not a campsite and there are no facilities. The pill box is an historic structure not a toilet or rubbish bin. PLEASE DO NOT CAMP,THE FARMER WILL MOVE YOU ON

PARKING: Please park at the top of Vaggs Hill where there is plenty of off road parking.  Please do not park in Tellisford except at the top of the village where cars can be parked off the road.

Place Categories: River Swims and Wild Swim.Place Tags: dive, swim and wildswimming.

Pascale says:

A small group of us swam here yesterday and it was lovely. The water was beautiful though access isn’t that easy as it is very deep immediately. However we did have trouble finding it and were lucky to stumble across a family who had that obvious ‘post river swim glow’ and gave us directions.

For everyone else’s benefit here are direction from the Vaggs Hill approach (not the Telliford Village though I assume you could come this way and cross the bridge). From the B3109 take the road west at the cross roads (opposite Poplar Tree Lane which is signposted). From here drive straight (past a few farms) until the road ends at the top of a hill- there is obvious off road parking and grass. From here walk down the lane (the paved one not the farm track to the right) and carry on straight and downhill. The path gets rougher and narrower and you pass a farm (Vaggs farm i think) on your right. You will see a gate into a field on your left a little before you hit the river. Take this across the field and the swimming is next to the brick pill box.

mystic spiral says:

Really idyllic spot….yes, there is some litter, but not much, considering the number of people who use the area. Only giving it a 4 star rating as the car parking area in the lane is limited; I imagine it must get packed with vehicles on a hot weekend day! Access in and out of the river is easy, via the weir wall, but tread gingerly as it can be a bit slippery. The water is cool and deep, perfect for a leisurely swim, and shallower by weir wall. We visited late on a weekday afternoon and there were a only a few dozen people, and the temperature had dropped to around 24C. Very pleasant indeed.

Mrs K says:

I think I’d delete my post if I were the original reviewer. I’d also be somewhat ashamed of myself.

Does anyone have an actual review?

ChilliYoghurt says:

I went there today – it was very busy; admittedly being a Sunday afternoon and 30 degrees, it was always likely to be. However, I was not expecting the vast majority of the clientele to be quite as corpulent as they were. Nor was I expecting their shimmering white bodies to be littered with quite as many crass tattoos as they were. There is no getting away from the fact that being so close to the road this venue attracts Stella swilling, well, er… chavs.

Ok, so my opinion may have been skewed by the immediacy of the event, but there is an under lying truth to it. The place is beautiful, rural and very English (inclusive of fresh cowpats), it is therefore well worth a visit, but don’t go there on day that attracts contemporary England. My recommendation is to book a Wednesday afternoon off work and pop down for have a swim when the usual crowd is signing on.

Sarah says:

Your clearly an ill educated person who’s stuck in the 1940’s! Open your eyes the world has changed do not judge people based on their appearance but rather their actions. You probably ruined their day with your judgmental attitude, oh and just so you know I work full time and have no tattoos.

Anonymous says:

Anyone who does not know the difference between your and you’re has no place calling another person ‘ill educated’.

Anonymous says:

Very sad to see such bigoted comments posted here. I want to know about the swimming not the swimmers. Will make sure I don’t go on a Wednesday afternoon in case I meet you.

educated and tattoo'd says:

I have tattoo’s and piercings! I also have a degree and a fulltime job. I enjoy swimming outdoors and find it sad that you would look down on the likes of me because of my choice in body art rather than accepting them to be my choice that do not impact on your safety or quality of life in anyway! Sad very sad.

What is the swimming like anyone know?

red shoes says:

heya guys, this place is ace for swimming in the sun, and im about to brave it tommorow in the autumn weather – thats how great i thought it was 🙂 … great place to jump in and swim what more is there to say… enjoy and be safe.

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