Hythe End gravel pits Wraysbury

  • A640 (264)

2km long lake one side, Colne river the other. Former gravel pit. Deep water from wooded banks. Drone of motorway and flightpath.

Place Categories: Lake Swims and Wild Swim.Place Tags: dive, swim and wildswimming.

MB says:

Just got back from a dip in the lake right next to Wraysbury station but have a feeling that this is a fishing lake? does anyone know? It looked cleaner than the lake next to the river and I am keen to go back but wondered if I may get shouted at by irate fishermen (which won’t stop me anyway) I didn’t see ant signs that said no swiming but there was a sign by the car park next to the station saying Wraysbury Angling 2 – any help much appreciated

Jake says:

I would advise you to think again where “irate anglers” shouting at you are concerned as being an angler myself if you swam through my area and ignored me I would happily cast rather large leads at you, and if you continued I would stick the biggest hooks I had which in my case will easily fill the palm of an adult hand and then cast those over the top of you and drag them back over you, dragging you in as my catch!!!!

A bit of respect for ALL water users is what you need, otherwise you could end up in hospital needing a few stitches!!!!!

A Pacifist says:

Jake you sound like a very nasty person

Oli says:

You sound like a lovely gentleman!! You know it’s possible to get your point across without such vitriol?

Anonymous says:

It’s quite disturbing reading Jake’s retort. I’ve been to Hythe and it was a pleasant warm idyllic spot to swim, boat or canoe. Didn’t actually see any fish so hopefully won’t be bumping intobaddy Jake. The banks were wooded so little chance of catching the sun unless you are in the water all the time. It was quite shallow in places and the kids could stand.

Aitch says:

What about if the person is deaf like me?

Tdot says:

shit lake + in the middle of nowhere

JohnSwim says:

The stream to the west is good for a swim. See earlier posting about Colne Brooke

Profile pic wildswim says:

what’s wrong with the lake? very near the wraysbury train station for a quick hop out of town

Profile pic wildswim says:

There’s a footpath that starts from the little green opposite the point on the map marked ‘Colne Valley B&B’ – follow the path up between the lake and the stream.

athene says:

Cycled up on a lovely sunny day, following the directions from the map on the right where you input your address and turned onto mafeking road only to find now a row of houses and no way to the waters edge so thought i’d let everyone know who saw this and thought of going.

Tim says:

Hi – you took a wrong turning. Starting from Wraysbury station, turn left along Station Road and then turn right into Douglas Lane. This is a cul de sac with a footpath at the end. Follow path – to left are swimmable lakes within view of houses, but if you continue on footpath and cross railway (handy to have parked your bike somewhere) which has those footpath type styles to climb before and after crossing. Continue straight on you will come to a track. Follow track going north (other limb goes west) until it bends to left. Then pick up footpath again. Smaller footpath after a bit runs to left. Take this path and you will come to secluded spot for swim.Water is beautiful and fresh, but take some insect repellant as you might get bitten. Great for skinny dipping. Alternative bike friendly route is to get off at Sunnymeads station – one stop up – turn left onto Welley Road and then first right onto track ( I think it is marked private), which you should follow for about 500 yds and you come to that railway crossing with the styles, so then follow track to left and find footpath.

Happy swimming


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