Ensfield Bridge, Medway

  • nick cobbing ouse CHOICE-21

Open, sunny stretch of peaty brown river by country road. Steep banks but deep water make it good for a longer swim. About 400m of footpath access, though sometimes fishermen. Ensfield Bridge is 1km S of Leigh (B245, B2027 6km W of Tonbridge) or

Place Categories: River Swims and Wild Swim.Place Tags: swim and wildswimming.

Kent_Clark says:

Lovely swim here. Quiet, very slow flowing at the beginning of August 2013. Easy (muddy) access about 100 yards west of the bridge on the north bank. Mixture of mud, rocky and weedy river bed. Depth about 6-7 feet midstream. Can often park near bridge.

KB says:

A really lovely swim. Heading away from Leigh, turned right into the fields and walked about 1/4 mile to where path splits a little. Very quiet spot and water lovely. Bit muddy getting in/out, but no big probs.

Mike says:

Could this be a Secret Swim place?

claire says:

KB ,hello, very interested in your swim! Would I be able to use your photo in a little booklet I’m making? It’s not about wild swimming it’s a bout a song called wild swimming that I’ve recorded on my new album.I’m compiling a book about the songs and want to use some pictures of wild swims in my area.If you like you could E-mail me back on
[email protected]
Thanks…..I might even send you a copy of the song!

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